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The motivation to seek psychotherapy will be unique to each of us. We might find ourselves in sudden crisis when our world changes faster than we can cope. Perhaps a more subtle sense of unease has become difficult to live with. We might wish to get to know ourselves better, to understand our unique experience, and feel known by someone else.

Our reason for being in therapy can also evolve once we start to unpack things. 

Truly being ourselves is a rare freedom for many of us. We might never have experienced it at all. In seeking therapy, I believe we seek a space where we have permission to do this; to bring all of ourselves, unfiltered, unjudged. I commit to making this a possibility for everyone I work with.

Irrespective of modalities, psychotherapy is an ethical practice with confidentiality and safety at its core. Opening up parts of our lives can be emotional and confronting. But in a trusted therapeutic relationship, this needn’t be an overwhelming experience. With this in mind, I recognise that finding a therapist who feels right for you is important. So, I am happy to offer a free first session (via Zoom) to anyone who feels their life could be helped by psychotherapy.